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Enhance your style with Ludic’s 240 GSM Chroma T t-shirt for Men

Enhance your style with Ludic’s 240 GSM Chroma T t-shirt for Men

Introducing the Ludic Dailymove collection, where style meets practicality. Designed to move with you throughout the day, it’s dedicated to your convenience and comfort. Crafted keeping function, and your comfort in mind, the 240 GSM Chroma T t-shirts are our first launch.

Exceptional quality, unmatched elegance Made from premium 100% French Terry cotton, and with 240 GSM weight, the Chroma T offers a luxurious feel, enveloping you in comfort that feels like a warm hug. Additionally, its smart ribbed collar and fall ensure a crisp, wrinkle-free look that lasts all day.

Craftsmanship that commands attention
Made in India, each Chroma T t-shirt is crafted with close attention to detail, and uncompromising quality. Additionally, they are bio-washed - ensuring lasting durability. The t-shirt is also resistant to wear - staying even and maintaining smoothness, wash after wash.

Tailored with ‘you’ in mind
The Chroma T, with its relaxed fit and the smart ribbed collar, delivers not only a comfortable experience, but also a refined structure and fall that complements your posture. Its sleek silhouette enhances your presence, seamlessly aligning with the way you carry yourself.

Of nature’s palette
With six calm, nature-inspired colors to choose from, the Chroma T-shirt lets you express yourself. Pick from soft, earthy tones or go bold with deeper shades. Each color is chosen for its versatility and the unique feel it brings to your look.

Enduring Vibrancy
Thanks to the Chroma T’s special bio-washed fabric, each t-shirt keeps its smooth texture and, with the high-quality dyes, the colors stay as vibrant and expressive over time, as they were on day one.

The Ludic Chroma T t-shirt for Men is the essence of understated style and enduring comfort, with a 240 GSM robust build. Introduce it to your collection - pick your shade now.